About Kiarra

Hey there! My name is Kiarra J, nice to meet you! I have been writing since I was young, like, literally before I even knew how to really write, I would write ‘XOXOXO’s and then “read” to my stuffed animals.

In school, my teachers praised my writings, saying that I was a natural. I have always wanted to write, but never really seemed to be able to make time to do it. So, after all these years, I’ve finally decided to just dive in and make it happen!

My first novella, titled ‘Growing Pains’ is short, but good!

I just finished my second book, “If I Were to Die Tomorrow.” It’s going to be a great read, so be on the lookout! I’m excited to share it with you soon.

I am currently working on my main story (currently untitled), and this is the one I’m super excited for you all to read. It’s going to be 50K+ words, so don’t worry. Tons to read. But as a way to introduce myself to the world, I decided to drop ‘Growing Pains’ first. Something short & simple.

Please go support me, and read my book! If you want to talk, feel free to follow me on social media, or get in touch.