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Kiarra will be debuting her second novel, “If I Were to Die Tomorrow” soon! Sign up for the mailing list below for more information on when it will be available online and in stores!

Check out my newest book, available online! I bring you my first novella, Growing Pains, that is short, but a very good read. It is a novella, that follows the life of a 20-year-old young adult named Camille Lawson, as she discovers she has to raise her newborn nephew when her sister dies suddenly. The path to raising Isaiah is a long and hard one, especially when they are both diagnosed with rare illnesses. It takes a look at the harsh reality that lets the reader know sometimes life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. The story covers the different stages that they both must go through, and the emotional roller coaster that it sends them on, and Isaiah struggles with never knowing his birth mom, and it is painful for Camille to talk about her deceased sister. Camille eventually accepts that this is their fate, and that they must embrace it. The story follows their journey.

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And if you just search “Growing Pains” or “Kiarra Julien” and it will come up! 🙂